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About Amy Lilly


Being a proud 7th generation Texan, Amy was born and raised in the Tarrant/Johnson County area and now settled in Crowley for over 20 years. She with her husband, Billy have one son, Chris, and daughter-in-law Shanelle. Amy graduated from Southwest High School and worked in the Burleson/Crowley area for many years before becoming a Realtor in 2005.

When Amy is not selling real estate, she enjoys the small things in life. She and Billy enjoy traveling by land and sea, they antique as much as possible and in addition to children who walk with two, they have babies who walk with four. “Yogi”, their 6 lbs. Yorkshire Terrier ruled the house until “Bella” came along. Bella also being a Yorkie. The family grew yet again in Feb 2019 when Bella and Yogi had a litter adding "Cooper" and "Winnie" to complete the Lilly Family.

After a life-changing medical event in 2011 leaving Amy deaf in one ear with deteriorating hearing in the other, her view on life is "You don't know what tomorrow brings so LIVE like there’s no tomorrow, LAUGH until it hurts and LOVE as much as possible". Her philosophy to real estate is "Work with Someone You Trust!" Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, you need to feel confident about the decisions you make and having the right specialist by your side will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Amy loves seeing family’s dream come true!

Amy represents her clients by having expert knowledge, understanding, and compassion through extensive education and experience with both Buyers and Sellers. Her passion for Real Estate started at a young age but the reality began while her personal home was being built in 2002. Now after a decade of helping families see their dreams come true too, her passion is still very strong and very personal.

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